Errors and Warnings Index

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@ident already exists. (Axiom)
@ident already exists. (Definition)
@ident already exists. (Let)
@ident already exists. (Program Definition)
@ident already exists. (Theorem)
@ident already exists. (Variable)
Ambiguous path
Argument of match does not evaluate to a term
Arguments of ring_simplify do not have all the same type
Attempt to save an incomplete proof
Bad lemma for decidability of equality
Bad magic number
Bad occurrence number of ‘qualid’
Bad ring structure
Brackets only support the single numbered goal selector
Cannot build functional inversion principle
Cannot define graph for ‘ident’
Cannot define principle(s) for ‘ident’
Cannot find a declared ring structure for equality ‘term’
Cannot find a declared ring structure over ‘term’
Cannot find induction information on ‘qualid’
Cannot find inversion information for hypothesis ‘ident’
Cannot find library foo in loadpath
Cannot find the source class of ‘qualid’
Cannot handle mutually (co)inductive records
Cannot infer a term for this placeholder. (Casual use of implicit arguments)
Cannot infer a term for this placeholder. (refine)
Cannot load qualid: no physical path bound to dirpath
Cannot move ‘ident’ after ‘ident’: it depends on ‘ident’
Cannot move ‘ident’ after ‘ident’: it occurs in the type of ‘ident’
Cannot recognize a boolean equality
Cannot recognize ‘class’ as a source class of ‘qualid’
Cannot solve the goal
Cannot use mutual definition with well-founded recursion or measure
Can’t find file ‘ident’ on loadpath
Compiled library ‘ident’.vo makes inconsistent assumptions over library qualid
Condition not satisfied
Debug mode not available in the IDE
Either there is a type incompatibility or the problem involves dependencies
Failed to progress
File not found on loadpath: ‘string’
Files processed by Load cannot leave open proofs
Found target class ... instead of ...
Funclass cannot be a source class
goal does not satisfy the expected preconditions
Goal is solvable by congruence but some arguments are missing. Try congruence with ‘term’…‘term’, replacing metavariables by arbitrary terms
Hypothesis ‘ident’ must contain at least one Function
I don’t know how to handle dependent equality
Ill-formed recursive definition
In environment … the term: ‘term’ does not have type ‘type’. Actually, it has type ...
Invalid argument
Invalid backtrack
Load is not supported inside proofs
Loading of ML object file forbidden in a native Coq
Module/section ‘qualid’ not found
No applicable tactic
No argument name ‘ident’
No discriminable equalities
No evars
No focused proof
No focused proof (No proof-editing in progress)
No focused proof to restart
No head constant to reduce
No matching clauses for match
No matching clauses for match goal
No primitive equality found
No product even after head-reduction
No progress made
No such assumption
No such binder
No such goal
No such goal. (fail)
No such goal. (Focusing)
No such goal. (Goal selector)
No such goal. Focus next goal with bullet ‘bullet’
No such hypothesis
No such hypothesis in current goal
No such hypothesis: ‘ident’
No such label ‘ident’
Non exhaustive pattern matching
Non strictly positive occurrence of ‘ident’ in ‘type’
Not a context variable
Not a discriminable equality
Not a primitive equality
Not a projectable equality but a discriminable one
Not a proposition or a type
Not a valid ring equation
Not a variable or hypothesis
Not an evar
Not an exact proof
Not an inductive goal with 1 constructor
Not an inductive goal with 2 constructors
Not an inductive product
Not convertible
Not enough constructors
Not equal
Not reducible
Not the right number of induction arguments
Not the right number of missing arguments
Nothing to do, it is an equality between convertible ‘terms’
Nothing to inject
Nothing to rewrite
omega can't solve this system
omega: Can't solve a goal with equality on type ...
omega: Can't solve a goal with non-linear products
omega: Can't solve a goal with proposition variables
omega: Not a quantifier-free goal
omega: Unrecognized atomic proposition: ...
omega: Unrecognized predicate or connective: ‘ident’
omega: Unrecognized proposition
Proof is not complete. (abstract)
Proof is not complete. (assert)
quote: not a simple fixpoint
Records declared with the keyword Record or Structure cannot be recursive
Refine passed ill-formed term
Require is not allowed inside a module or a module type
Ring operation should be declared as a morphism
Signature components for label ‘ident’ do not match
Statement without assumptions
Tactic Failure message (level ‘num’)
Tactic generated a subgoal identical to the original goal. This happens if ‘term’ does not occur in the goal
Terms do not have convertible types
The command has not failed!
The conclusion is not a substitutive equation
The conclusion of ‘type’ is not valid; it must be built from ‘ident’
The constructor ‘ident’ expects ‘num’ arguments
The elimination predicate term should be of arity ‘num’ (for non dependent case) or ‘num’ (for dependent case)
The file `ident.vo` contains library dirpath and not library dirpath’
The recursive argument must be specified
The reference is not unfoldable
The reference ‘qualid’ was not found in the current environment
The term ‘term’ has type ‘type’ which should be Set, Prop or Type
The term ‘term’ has type ‘type’ while it is expected to have type ‘type’'
The variable ‘ident’ is already defined
The ‘num’ th argument of ‘ident’ must be ‘ident’ in ‘type’
The ‘term’ provided does not end with an equation
This is not the last opened module
This is not the last opened module type
This is not the last opened section
This object does not support universe names
This proof is focused, but cannot be unfocused this way
This tactic has more than one success
Too few occurrences
Trying to mask the absolute name ‘qualid’!
Unable to apply
Unable to find an instance for the variables ‘ident’…‘ident’
Unable to infer a match predicate
Unable to satisfy the rewriting constraints
Unable to unify ... with ...
Unable to unify ‘term’ with ‘term’
Unbound context identifier ‘ident’
Undeclared universe ‘ident’
Universe inconsistency
Universe instance should have length ‘num’
Unknown inductive type
Variable ‘ident’ is already declared
When ‘term’ contains more than one non dependent product the tactic lapply only takes into account the first product
Wrong bullet ‘bullet’: Bullet ‘bullet’ is mandatory here
Wrong bullet ‘bullet’: Current bullet ‘bullet’ is not finished
‘class’ must be a transparent constant
‘ident’ cannot be defined
‘ident’ is already used
‘ident’ is not a local definition
‘ident’ is not an inductive type
‘ident’ is used in conclusion
‘ident’ is used in hypothesis ‘ident’
‘ident’ is used in the conclusion
‘ident’ is used in the hypothesis ‘ident’
‘ident’: no such entry
‘qualid’ does not denote an evaluable constant
‘qualid’ does not occur
‘qualid’ does not respect the uniform inheritance condition
‘qualid’ is already a coercion
‘qualid’ is not a function
‘qualid’ is not a module
‘qualid’ not a defined object
‘qualid’ not declared
‘term’ cannot be used as a hint